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A small step for you, a giant leap for your baby.

The patented Luvion Walky is premium baby care product, developed and designed in The Netherlands to learn your baby to walk the natural way. The Luvion walky will let babies adopt an anatomically correct natural posture while parents can maintain their natural walking posture as well.

The walky is extremely safe as the parent has full control on "where to go". The walky is supplied with a safety harness for the baby.

The walky is adjustable in height so it will fit all babies and parents. In addition it's fully foldable so it can be easily be taken on holiday or to the park.

The walky is a unique invention that will leave unsafe traditional babywalkers to the past. The walky is a premium baby product that will learn your baby to walk in a natural way. It's a true shared experience, it's completey safe and brings great fun to both parents and baby!
When it comes to milestones, your baby's first steps can't be beat. One day he's standing against the couch — maybe sliding along it — and the next he's tottering hesitantly into your waiting arms. Then he's off and running, leaving babyhood behind. Your child's first baby steps are, after all, his first major move toward independence.

When it develops
During his first year, your baby is busy developing coordination and muscle strength throughout his or her body. They will learn to sit, roll over, and crawl before moving on to pulling up and standing at about 8 months. From then on it's a matter of gaining confidence and balance. Most babies take their first steps sometime between 9 and 12 months and are walking well by the time they're 14 or 15 months old. Don't worry if your child takes a little longer, though. Many perfectly normal children don't walk until they're 16 or 17 months old.

How it develops
Your newborn's legs aren't nearly strong enough to support him yet, but if you hold him upright under his arms, he'll dangle his legs down and push against a hard surface with his feet, almost as if he's walking. This is a reflexive action, and he'll only do it for a couple of months.

Baby on the move: Walking
Signs of readiness, and how your world will change once your baby walks.By the time your baby's about 5 months old, he'll bounce up and down if you let him balance his feet on your thighs. Bouncing will be a favorite activity over the next couple of months, in fact, as your baby's leg muscles continue to develop while he masters rolling over, sitting, and crawling.

At about 8 months your baby will probably start trying to pull himself up to a stand while holding onto furniture (so make sure everything in his path is sturdy enough to support him). If you help him along by propping him up next to the sofa, he'll hang on for dear life. After a couple of weeks mastering this standing position, he'll start to cruise, moving from one piece of furniture to the next for support. He may even be able to let go and stand without support. Once he can do that, he may be able to take steps when held in a walking position, or even scoop up a toy from a standing position.

At 9 or 10 months your baby will begin to figure out how to bend his knees and how to sit after standing (which is harder than you might think!).

By 11 months your baby will probably have mastered standing solo, stooping, and squatting. He may even walk while gripping your hand, though he probably won't take his first steps alone for at least a few more weeks. Most children make those early strides on tiptoe with their feet turned outward.

At 13 months, three-fourths of toddlers are walking on their own — albeit unsteadily. If yours still hasn't stopped cruising, it just means walking on his own is going to take a little longer.

Customer Review

Posted by Tim 18th May

Thanks,I was a bit uncertain about this, but now we are glad we purchased, amazing how it really teaches them to walk, I did not notice this on our other child.

Customer Review

Posted by Carley 5th May

What a lovely  product, cant keep him off it, lovely idea.


Luvion Prestige Touch- excellent large sreen monitor, got here in two days Lilia Kennsington Gardens SA

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Luv the Luvion- great product-good deliv and service, Thanks

Gary - Melb

Excellent service and great product - Thanks

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Love the product, quick delivery. Thanks BMD!

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Item perfect - fast shipping

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AAA quick delivery-prestige touch baby monitor

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Luvion Platinum 2- good product-deliv fine Ryan Townsville

Hi Kaz, Just wanting to say THANK YOU for delivering such great customer service! I received the baby monitor Tuesday morning and have been very happy with it! Regards Klaudia Melbourne

- Hi Kaz,

Great Service and product- Grace Lim- Lillyfield Sydney March 2013

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