Luvion Grand Elite3 Connect-Smart Digital Video Baby Monitor

Luvion Grand Elite3 Connect-Smart Digital Video Baby Monitor

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Product Description

Luvion is proud to present the Grand Elite 3 Connect, the best and most complete baby monitor system in the world.

Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect offers, Luvions Triple Mode technology, which enables you to observe your baby at home on a 4.3 "color touch screen, or at any time from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

TRIPLE MODE TECHNOLOGY: Observe your child on three surfaces: Via screen, smartphone or tablet.

The Grand Elite 3  combines the best features with the ability to connect to multiple surfaces

The Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect has all the features you need and is easy to set up and use. When you also get the opportunity to connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet, Luvion has once again produced a new market leader.

  • 4.3 "LCD digital color display.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Free Android and iOS app for smartphone and tablet.
  • Bidirectional communication.
  • Indicates room temperature.
  • 2x digital zoom function.
  • 3 different lulabys
  • VOX function - The screen is activated when the baby makes sound.
  • Digital audio and video quality.
  • Remote control pan / tilt camera.
  • Camera with 5 meter night vision.
  • The camera can stand alone, fastened to the wall or baby bed.
  • Including rechargeable Lithium battery for the monitor.
  • LED lights are displayed when sound is detected.
  • Adjust volume and sensitivity.
  • Outside range indicator.
  • Notifications at low battery level.
  • Plug and play 
  • Range up to 300 meters 
  • 100% interference-free and safe connection.
  • Long battery life (8+ hours in spare mode).

Free app for Android and iOS for use on smartphone and tablet

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: The app sends a notification when the baby gives off sound and or if the room temperature becomes too high / low.

App features

  • Push notification alerts extra when the child makes sound or room temperature becomes too high / low (can be turned on and off).
  • Make video recording *.
  • Take a picture*.
  • Both see and hear the baby.
  • Displays room temperature.
  • Two-Way Communication (Talk back) **.
  • Pan / tilt camera.
  • Adjust volume up and down.
  • Share your camera with other smartphones / tablets. Each camera has a unique user ID (UID). By sharing this and the password, you can share the video stream with others who have the app installed.

* Video and images are stored on the internal memory of the smartphone / tablet.
** When bidirectional communication is enabled in the app, you will not hear audio from camera. Turn off talk back in the app to hear from camera again.

*** 4g network or higher required.

It is easy to set up the baby and parent unit

The supplied camera connects very quickly to the parent unit and it only takes a few seconds to get in touch. - When Grand Elite 3 Connect baby call is up and running, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good the reception quality is.

Digital audio and video quality

Video cameras for baby cameras have previously suffered from poor signal or image quality on a poor screen size. By using encrypted digital technology for security and quality, the Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect provides very good image and sound.

Touch Screen

Touch screen Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect

EASY OPERATION: Touch screen makes it easy to navigate the screen.

Second to none night vision

Of course, it will be impossible to discuss the performance of any baby camera with video, without testing it in low light conditions - that is when baby monitors are most widely used. Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect has an impressive depth of field and the best quality when used in the dark. If you have not used a baby camera with video before, be aware that in Night mode, images appear in black and white, . - Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect baby camera acts as such, and stands out in this area with 5 meters deep view, against competitors who often struggle beyond 2 meters.

Remote control camera pan / tilt

Remove the camera from the parent unit

EASY REMOTE CONTROL OF CAMERA: From the monitor you can easily move the camera around the room. The Pan / tilt feature is brilliant when you need to adjust the camera itself.

SCAN puts the baby's sleep in sleep mode when you want quietness

The SCAN feature aids parents. It is not always you want the screen to display video from the baby room. You easily switch the SCAN function. Video and audio will then be deactivated (black screen and no sound). When the baby sounds back, both sound and image are automatically activated.

- Scan is very convenient when you have the screen standing next to you on the nightstand.

VOX function - The screen is activated when the baby makes sound.

Visual indicators alert when the child gives sound

LED indicators provide a visual indication of noise from your child via the baby unit. - This is especially useful when the volume is reduced on the parent unit. That way, you have the full effect of the baby camera, even when the volume is off.

Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect comes packed with everything you need

When you set up the Grand Elite 3 Connect baby monitor for the first time, it is clear that it was designed with plug & play in mind and for use through multiple surfaces.

Contents of the package

Properly packaged in the box you will find all the equipment the baby and parent unit need.

  • 1 x parent unit (display)
  • 1 x baby unit (camera)
  • 1 x AUS power adapter for the parent unit
  • 1 x AUS power adapter for baby unit
  • 1 x baby unit mounting frame
  • 1 x wall plugs and screws

1 year warranty 


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