Angelcare 401 Sound and Movememt Monitor

Angelcare 401 Sound and Movememt Monitor

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Product Description

The Angelcare Sound & Movement Monitor Model ACS-401 can be used anywhere baby sleeps. It combines a quality sound monitor and a movement monitor in a single system. Whether baby is awake or asleep, a parent or carer can be aware of all movements with the Angelcare under-the mattress sensor pad.feels that a sound monitor is not necessary (for example, living in small accommodation or sleeping in the same room as baby). This monitor can also be a great addition to an existing sound monitor, when more than one baby needs to be monitored.

- 2 Under-the-mattress Sensor Pads that detect even the slightest movement baby makes
- Alarm sounds after 20 seconds if absolutely no movement is detected
- Adjustable sensitivity settings
- Battery or AC adapter operated, and automatically converts to battery in case of power failure
- Battery operated on AAA battery cells - so suitable for use in places without electricity, such as in a chalet or camping.
- Battery Unit lasts for up to 8 hours when fully charged
- Optional "Tic" sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when baby is sleeping silently
- Crystal clear transmission with 8 channels and 2 frequencies
- 250 m range with alarm sounding if connectivity is broken
- Adjustable volume controls and sound lights to see and hear babys sounds with the sound off
- Rechargeable portable Parents Unit can be clipped to a belt, allowing monitoring while on the go
- Hold and mute function allowing temporary deactivation for changing etc
- Nursery room temperature display on the Parents unit with alarm sounding if temperature is too high or low
- Halo on the nursery unit acts as a soothing night light and allows a parent of carer to check on baby
What's included:
- Parent Unit, Nursery unit, 2 sensor pads, charging cradle
- 2 X AC adapters
- 4 X AAA rechargeable batteries (for parents unit)
- Instruction manual
What else do you need?
- 4 X AAA standard batteries (for Nursery Unit)

12 Month Warranty


Luv the Luvion- great product-good deliv and service, Thanks

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Excellent service and great product - Thanks

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I love my Luvion Grand Elite, it is an awesome video monitor and I highly recommend it to anyone.  Can you send me a link to where I can rave about your services and products.  Thanks Elise Jiggins-Cannovale Qld -March 2013

Good communication-well done

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AAA quick delivery-prestige touch baby monitor

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Luvion Prestige Touch- excellent large sreen monitor, got here in two days Lilia Kennsington Gardens SA

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