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HelloBaby 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

$199.00 $139.0030% off

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HelloBaby HB65 Digital Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB65 Digital Video Baby Monitor

$199.00 $148.0026% off

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Angelcare AC210 Digital Video & Sound Monitor

Angelcare AC210 Digital Video & Sound Monitor

$299.00 $259.0013% off

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 HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, 3.2 Inch Screen Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback System

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera,...

$169.00 $124.0027% off

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Snuza Hero Movement and Vibration Monitor

Snuza Hero Movement and Vibration Monitor

$159.00 $124.0022% off

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Having a baby is often an exciting and joyous occasion for most families. Yet it can be equally challenging as well, especially for couples who are welcoming their first child. As parents it is only natural for you to give the best care and protection for your little bundle of joy.

Virtually all private homes now have a plethora of technology products that were unheard of a few years ago but deemed almost essential in year 2014. These technology products including baby monitors sometimes seems ahead of their time but eventually the popular ones evolve to fill gaps created by increasingly sophisticated consumer demand. for example,less than a decade ago reading books was considered to be on the wane so along came e-readers spawning an entirely new audience or avid readers who now dip in and out of books while on the go, on the beach, in the car , well virtually anywhere. Now E-reading is available on most Tablet PC brands.

The same advances can be seen with Smart Phones, Tablets, Netbooks, Consoles and of course Baby Monitors where developments are occurring equally fast and radical. It is hard to believe, but as recently as 2009 (seems like a lifetime ago?) if you wanted to see your baby your from another room your options were severely limited to some clunky, ugly, featureless analogue monitors that would beam grainy grey images of your baby to the parent unit complete with interference.

Today that has all changed and few parents are fully aware of the range and depth of monitoring products available from specialist baby stores. Certainly even the most techno savvy dad and mum will find a monitor to keep a watchful eye on little one as well as fit into his modern lifestyle. Here is a quick overview of the options available:

Video Baby Monitors - These now include fully encrypted processors for absolute privacy and digital for crystal clear sound. The upper end models will have faster frames per second (FPS) which essentially means moving images are more fluid. You can also select options such as Multi-Cameras that is great for monitoring Twins or for keeping an eye on children in other rooms, Pan, Scan, Tilt and Zoom all of which speak for themselves, plus of course superb polyphonic lullabies, talk-back to keep you in direct contact with your baby.

Internet Baby Monitors - Yes can monitor your baby via the Internet using your iPad, Tablet, Smart Phone, Notebook or anything that will accept a 3G signal. Be sure to check with the store that the product you have selected is suitable for your equipment. New types of Network baby monitors has all the features of video baby monitor with the added feature of Online functionality

Skype Baby Monitors - If you have a Skype account there are actually monitors that will work directly from your account. You will not get images of course but in the unlikely event you need to hear your baby from across the other side of the world and you do not want an Internet baby monitor then this might be for you.

Bluetooth Baby Monitors - For parents that travel with baby frequently there is a Bluetooth monitor that pairs with your Mobile (they are all Bluetooth these days) and turns your phone into a parent unit. This is much easier to set up and is more user friendly that some of the more technical products.

Long Range Baby Monitor - A Baby Monitors' effective range is reduced by walls and other normal day to day 'obstacles'. Long range baby monitors are usually audio only and can cover up to 2 Kilometres range. They are great for parents with large or very old houses and Farmers.

A key concern for parents is the safety of their baby; they want to know their baby is safe at all times. By using our digital baby monitors you will be able to see and hear your baby 24/7.
Digital Video Baby Monitors use a high resolution camera, which keeps watch on your baby, and a screened receiver, which lets you both see and hear your baby.

Baby monitors provide peace of mind, and you know exactly how your baby is regardless of whether it is day or night. All our Baby Monitors are the latest in digital wireless technology. Wireless cameras and receivers can be easily installed by yourself. is the right partner to work with if you want direct access to the latest range of baby monitors.

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